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Change makers!

When passionate people work together, REAL CHANGE begins to happen.

Join our team of change-makers across the globe and gain access to the network, tools, and trainings to help you bring your WORLD ROCKING VISION to life!


Join and access a growing world-wide community of participants and expert speakers and learn to build, grow and scale up your next major project or event with the support of master planner Robin Elander and her team of guest experts. 


ON Friday, March 27 from 11-12:30 PM, join other entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders for a VIRTUAL BUSINESS NETWORKING EVENT and a conversation about personal and professional business resiliency.

In this virtual networking mixer and presentation, you’ll have an opportunity to:

– Introduce yourself and share what resources or skills you can share and what you’d like to receive

– Explore alternative methods of doing business, marketing, and potential new revenue sources.

– Opt to be in the “Mastermind hot seat” and have the group “laser-in” on something particular you want to focus on.

Robin Elander, Founder of Global Good Impact Consulting will share many of the ways she’s pivoted in my life and in business, how to diversify and create new income streams and how you can use these strategies and your expanded network to empower your possibilities.

Let’s band together and thrive!

9 steps to being your life & business transformation