We offer customized one-on-one, group coaching programs and strategic project management to help you bring your good ideas to life! In person or virtual meetings structured around your needs and goals. Aspects of your coaching program may include:

  • Refine your vision and developing a strategy to make it reality
  • Meet local leaders and professionals to amplify your impact and reach
  • Option for a group session to with other visionaries
  • Learn to start and grow a new program or campaign around something your passionate about
  • Practice strategies to overcome fears and obstacles to get where you want to be!

Event or Project Management Rate $105 per hour

Free 1 hour initial consultation

“I’m looking forward to supporting you with your next endeavor to life!”


Robin Elander,
Director at Global Good Impact


Book a free strategy call via my scheduling link above. 


A variety of options are available to fit your needs and budget.