Custom Programs

The Global Good Impact Team specializes in supporting individuals and organizations in acquiring the skills and confidence to achieve greater impact in their communities and abroad.

Workshop Topics

□       Overcoming Obstacles/Managing Fears/ Confidence Building

□       Preparing for Campaigns  – Community Building 

□       Community Outreach & Advocacy

□       Building an Impactful Leadership Team

□       Building a Volunteer Base

□       Fundraising

□       Developing a Daily Leadership Practice

Health, Wellness and Leadership

Program Types & Length:

□       1.5 Hour Workshop in Person or Webinar

□       3 Hour Workshop

□       ½ Day (4 hour) Mini Retreat

□       Full Day Retreat/Program

□       2-3 Day Retreat

□       Customized (1 on 1,  once a week/month etc.)

□       Customized Insight to Leadership Tour

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