Join us in this weekly workshop series were we connect, reflect and grow together, hone in on our core purpose, establish goals, and learn new skills to add value and connection in our every day lives. The first four week series focuses on personal growth, second on community engagement & third on activism both locally and internationally. Personal growth is the first step to create the core strength to care for our families, organizations, community and our greater world. When we are on purpose, and connect our daily activities with our values and what is most important, the world aligns in clearer focus. These workshops create a safe space for growth, connection and the community to support you reach your goals.

Workshop Series:
Connecting with your Core Purpose for a Life of Meaning

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Week 1: Clarifying Values & Connecting with Core Purpose, Setting the Framework
Week 2: Overcoming Fears, Limiting Beliefs and Building Resilience
Week 3: Relationship Building & Time Management
Week 4: Developing Your Daily Leadership Practice & Greater Network

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Workshop Series 2: (Women’s only & Co-Ed, Details to be Announced)

Connecting Core Purpose with Community Involvement – Increasing Your Impact
Dates & Locations TBA
Week 1:     Pausing for Impact, Reconnecting to Core Purpose
Week 2:     Inspired Engagement, How to add more Yeeha!! moments to your life!
Case studies for Inspired Action; Building a coalition for your cause
Week 3:     Impactful marketing for your social mission, Case studies
Social Media/Web Design/ Connecting with the Media
Week 4:      Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Fundraising for Impact & or Insight for Impact Tour
Workshop Series 3:
The Engaged Global Citizen – Making Sustainable Global Impact
Dates & Locations TBA
Week 1:       The Engaged Global Citizen, Connecting to your place in the world
Week 2:       World Case Studies, Research for Change-makers, Case Study Kenya
Week 3:       Creating Coalitions, Partnerships & A Support Team
Week 4:       Global Community Project – Impact in Action
Optional Add ons for Impact:

  • Mini Retreats
  • Morning Daily Leadership Workshops
  • International Insight Tours Indonesia/Guatemala/Kenya
  • Local Insight Tours
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Internships for Global Good

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More about Global Good Impact workshops:

Navigating the world, overcoming fears and obstacles while maintaining a sense of self,  advocating for your dreams AND the mission of your organization can be overwhelming.

Our workshops are designed to teach the skills and strategies to focus in on each individuals best vision of themselves, overcome fears and obstacles in their way, and achieve their highest aspirations.

Participants may be aspiring community leaders, activists or parents juggling competing priorities. Through a custom designed program of individual and group discussions, films, presentations by guest speakers, journal and workbook exercises, participants learn daily personal and organizational leadership practices that can support their long term growth.

The continued support of the Global Good Impact Network, that each cohort enters, keeps the group connected, growing, and trouble shooting together. Both an in person and virtual worldwide community, the Global Good Impact Network supports program alumni with recognition events, plus additional growth workshops, retreats, networking mixers and access to a community of inspired and engaged individuals who are making a difference  both locally and world-wide.